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My Zimbabwean Fishing Blog

As part of my ever-growing portfolio of websites, Zero to Hero Fishing is my personal fishing diary where I am going to be sharing my journey from being a novice fisherman to a fishing hero.

Well, that is the plan…

Zimbabwe’s favourite hobby

For a very long time, I have enjoyed fishing and the desire to be on the water testing skill against fish. The only problem is I have not done enough fishing and this has left me somewhat of a terrible fisherman.

The goal of my website is to make me accountable for my actions, I need to spend time learning and get a better understanding of how to catch the different species of Zimbabwe.

Love for the Zambezi

My favourite place to fish is on the Zambezi River and Lake Kariba and if all goes well I will be spending as much time there as I can. Depending on the situation of Zimbabwe.

There is an abundance of fish species in the river and depending on the time of the year, there is always a fish on the bite.

Visit the website

If you would lime to follow me on my journey, visit the website.


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