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This company has to be one of the most exciting companies I have worked with in quite a while.

The possibilities are absolutely massive and I am so proud to be a part of their journey to the number 1 company offering FGASA courses across Africa.

I will be honest, I did not know much about FGASA when I took on this project but I quickly learnt so I could use what I learnt in the build of this website.

FGASA is one badass accreditation!!!

I will go into more about that statement later on in this blog post.

Pathfinders Africa FGASA Courses

Currently, Pathfinders Africa off two courses and both courses are run in Zimbabwe:

  • FGASA Professional Field Guide Course
  • Nature Enthusiast Course

But I do know that in the future, they will be expanding their courses as well as the location of their courses. This is where the “Africa” comes into play in their name, hint hint.

Pathfinders Africa is lead by Rusty Labuschagne, a professional hunter & FGASA field guide who spent 10 years in jail for a crime he did n;ot commit. 

You can learn more about that at his website:

Pathfinders Africa Website

One of the best ways to build a website is hands-on with the marketing team of the business and I was fortunate to do this with Pathfinders Africa.

We began the build in the mid of January 2019 and between then and now, we have spent quite a bit of time design and building content that is going to answer questions about FGASA courses they offer.

If you want a website to stand out from its competitors, it needs to look enticing and using average images vs quality images can make the world of difference to the engagement and also time spent on a website.

The Pathfinders Africa team provided me with a database of images taken by professional photographers and you will see how good they look when you visit the website.

Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome of the website re-design.

Now is the time to get it ranking for their main keywords in the search results.

What is FGASA?

The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) provides educational opportunities to promote the conservation and rehabilitation of the cultural and natural heritage of Southern Africa. 

What I have learnt through this whole build, FGASA is a massive qualification to have under your belt and that is why there are so many people searching for more information on FGASA.

The knowledge that is bestowed upon you during the courses is immense and not everyone who attempts the FGASA courses passes.

FGASA started way back in 1990 and prior to the creation of FGASA, the safari industry did not have a governing body to monitor and police safari lodges and the guides taking guests in the wild.

FGASA Courses:

Field Guiding Certificates through FGASA

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)
  • Field Guide (NQF4)
  • Professional Field Guide

Marine Guide Certificate

  • Marine Guide (NQF2)

Dangerous Game Qualifications

  • Apprentice Trails Guide
  • Trails Guide
  • Professional Trails Guide
  • Professional SKS Dangerous Game

Rifle Handling Certificate

  • FGASA Advanced Rifle Handling

Tracker Qualifications

  • Tracker Level I
  • Tracker Level II
  • Tracker Level III
  • Tracker Level IV
  • Senior Tracker
  • Head Tracker

Birding Qualifications

  • Local Bird Guide
  • Regional Bird Guide
  • National Bird Guide
  • SKS (Birding) Guide

Biome Guiding Qualifications

  • Biome Guide
  • National Biome Guide

Other Certificates

  • Commercial Cave Guiding Knowledge Certificate
  • South Africa General Knowledge Certificate
  • FGASA/ Sappi Tree Knowledge Certificate
  • Nature Enthusiast Certificate (Non-Guiding)
  • Advanced Nature Enthusiast Certificate (Non-Guiding)
  • Specialist Nature Enthusiast Certificate (Non-Guiding)
  • Marine Enthusiast Certificate (Non-Guiding)
  • Wildflower Guide Certificate
  • Fynbos Biome Enthusiast Certificate

Why Qualify with FGASA?

There are two types of people who want to do a FGASA Level 1 qualification. 

The first person is someone who has a love of the wild and wants to know more about the land, fauna & flora and the animals who inhabit it. 

The second person is someone who loves the wild and who also wants to work in the bush.

The safari industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Africa and the demand for qualified personnel to fill in the required jobs within the safari niche. 

Possible FGASA jobs:

  • Safari guide
  • Tour operators
  • Lodge managers
  • Assistant managers
  • Trails guide
  • and the list goes on…

Any reputable safari operation is going to want to hire people who have a FGASA qualification. 

So if you have a passion for the wild and want to work in the safari industry then you need to get in touch with Pathfinders Africa.

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