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Craig Riley

Who is Craig Riley?

I am NOT perfect. I have NOT got everything figured out. I make mistakes all the time but I take pride in how I get up and try again. I never learn from my successes but from my failures.

There are plenty of people in the world who make more money than I do but I am in a place where I do not want to compete with anyone or compare my life to theirs. Neither should you!


I help businesses get found online through website design and SEO.

The world is changing and Google is the new Go-To platform if you are looking for a service, a product, a recipe or shopping for a new outfit.

Businesses who stay up to date with the world are the ones who are profiting. I help them be a greater success, help give them back time and build a relationship that is beneficial for everyone.

Craig R
Tank Dog
Craig D Riley

Life away from my laptop

If I am not working and I work a lot, I spend time with my two dogs, coach Water Polo at C.B.C and keep fit. My two dogs are:

  • Lola – Labrador
  • Tank – Staffie x Pitbull


I started coaching water polo at C.B.C “again” at the beginning of the third term (August 2018) and we finished the season by winning a national trophy.

I personally look after two teams (1st team and U17) and looking forward, I hope to bring more success to the school.

It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.


Craig Riley Waterpolo

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